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Welcome to Conningsbynet Web Site

Conningsbynet was a community wireless network for a select group of residents on Conningsby Drive, Pershore, Worcestershire.

It has now been decomissioned.

The text below is left for historical and lethargic reasons.

It currenly runs on a single Cisco BR350 wireless bridge running in AP mode and a homemade high gain omni-directional antenna, along with a number of  Linksys WET11 and other assorted clients.
The router is a Netgear RP 614v4, natting everything onto a single IP provided by my ADSL router.  Before it getst to this router all traffic goes through an old 3Com Hub which also has an old Compaq laptop for monitoring.  Primarily it is running bandwidthd. This shows how much traffic each user is sending and receiving.

The website is also used as an expansion area for the Abbey Park First School web site.
The news archive is here.

Finally it is used as a personal web site for Justin Rowling

The old home page, with various links in here