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Headteacher: Mr David Johnson


26th November, 2008.

Dear Parents,

How time does fly! It’s already nearly the end of November, and the children are counting down the weeks until Christmas! However we still have a lot of work to do between now and then.

In maths, we have been looking at number bonds to 10, money and directional and positional language. We will be developing measuring skills in length, weight and capacity and as always, continuing to develop calculating and problem solving skills. In Literacy, we have written some fantastic fireworks poems and are developing skills in giving and writing clear instructions. We will then be looking at stories with predictable and patterned language, including those from other cultures.

In science we have been completing our work on materials with the children enjoying carrying out an experiment to investigate which materials are waterproof, trying to make sure their tests were fair. Towards Christmas we will be finding out about electricity and making our own ‘Christmas lights’, developing a simple understanding of how electricity works, as well as considering the relevant safety issues.

In history we are using the exciting trip to Avoncroft as a basis to develop the children’s understanding of houses in the past and what things have changed over time. You may well get asked questions about what things they have, that you didn’t have as children. If anyone has any interesting house items from the past, we would love to borrow them, to make comparisons with today.

I am delighted that some children have now achieved their third homework reading star awards, or are very close to doing so. Do please keep up the good work – regular reading at home really will make a huge difference to your child’s learning over the year.

As always, do please speak to me after school or write a note in the liaison books, if you have any queries or concerns.

Best wishes,

Janet Liddington.