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Headteacher: Mr David Johnson


November 2nd, 2009

Dear Parents,
We have a busy half term ahead of us and, with Christmas activities later in the term, I am sure it will be an exciting one.
Our topic for the next few weeks is FOOD. We will be talking about the food we eat and where it comes from, our favourite foods, colours of food and healthy foods. We will be counting, weighing, comparing and sorting food during maths activities. During art activities we will be drawing and painting food and creating collages of food. We will be writing shopping lists and menus, and listening to stories and rhymes about food. We will also be cooking, preparing and tasting lots of different foods. Please let us know if there are any foods you do not wish your child to try.
Keep your eye on the parents’ notice board for more details of what we are doing each week.
If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to discuss a particular aspect of your child’s progress I will be happy to see you after the nursery session on a convenient day. Please see me to make an appointment.
Your child will receive their Treasure Chest from Book Start this term. These wonderful resources give you and your child the ideal opportunity to read together and develop a real love of books. Before the distribution of these lovely literacy resources we thought it would be an ideal time to visit Pershore Library with the children. The children will get the opportunity to look at the resources in the library and share stories with one of the librarians. There will also be the chance for the children to do some book stamping, which is always great fun. In order to walk the children in safety to the library we would need some additional adult helpers to escort the children to and from Pershore Library. In the past, parents have joined us on our visit and have had an enjoyable morning. If you think you could offer your services for one morning, probably during the second week back, please let either me or Mrs.Williams know as soon as possible. It would also be nice to take the children to the fruit and vegetable shop on the High Street on another occasion to buy a selection of fruits to make a fruit salad. We would need some parent helpers to allow this visit to go ahead. Please let us know if you can help.


Mrs. Yvette Overfield                      Mrs. Charlotte Williams