Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the final few weeks of the summer term! The time this year has simply flown by! I can hardly believe that our children will be joining Reception in September.
This final half-term is going to be a very busy half term .We will hopefully be having our visit to the Country-side Centre and our little ‘concert’ of songs and dances and the children will be having a few tantalizing visits to their new Reception class.

The theme for this half term is ‘Summer’. In the weeks up until the end of term we will be finding out about summer gardens, ‘mini-beasts’ and holidays. If you have anything which may be of interest for our topic (except perhaps garden spiders!!!) we will be pleased to display them in the Nursery. If you have any cuttings from your gardens or seeds that we can plant out in the outdoor area with the children that would be lovely.

Remember that when it is sunny weather, please could you send your child with a hat for wearing outside and ensure they have sun-cream on before coming to Nursery.

In order to encourage the children to share as many books as possible with their parents and get them prepared for learning to read, we are introducing a wall chart with named ‘book worms’ that will progress up the chart if a child borrows at least one book per week from the Nursery library. On Fridays a sticker will be given to each child who borrows at least one book to read at home. It would be useful if you could provide your child with a book bag to transport their book to and from the Nursery setting. Your child would also have their book bag ready for the start of their Reception year! It is essential that books are well cared for and returned promptly in order to maintain an adequate stock for children to choose from. If parents have any good quality story books that they would like to donate to the Nursery class, we would be very grateful.


Mrs. Y. Overfield.                                                                    Mrs. C. Sefton