Monday 26 to Thursday 29th March

We held a maths week at our school just before we broke up for Easter. We had great fun with numbers all through the week! The children were engaged in lots of fun activities but learning in real life contexts too!
The photographs over these seven pages will give you an idea of all the things we did:
 a bingo session, a beetle drive, a bring and buy sale, a maths trail, designing and making maths games, an easter egg hunt with maths clues, a fancy maths hat parade, a maths talk for parents, seeing how many children could fit in the gazebo, measuring the playground, cooking , making bridges and many other activities. We had a wonderful time! Take a look!

Eyes down look in its bingo! Lets see who can get a full house to win an easter egg!

Year 2 are cooking biscuits and cakes ready for the bring and buy sale

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