Year 1 and 2 Newsletter 

16th November 2007

Dear Parents,

We have another exciting half-term planned for the children. You may have already heard that we are being explorers. We have been exploring our school using and drawing maps and using directional language to move around the school. You may want to practise this at home, eg forwards, backwards, left, right, in front, behind, next to, etc. We have also visited another school and compared similarities and differences. We will be doing some more work with maps and keys, using more geographical vocabulary and expressing views upon their local environment.

Later on this term we will be investigating materials and how we can change them. Eg through bending, squashing, twisting, stretching, heating & cooling. (This will include some more cookery- and obviously tasting it afterwards!) December will be a very exciting and busy time, preparing for the Christingle service, making Christmas cards and calendars and learning more about the Christmas story.

Please continue to help your child with their reading, spellings or action words and maths. Don’t forget to remind your child to keep up with their writing books – its lovely to see so many different type of writing in these books, eg lists, stories, instructions, poems, handwriting, spelling and number practice. Keep up the hard work. Soon we will be having a sharing time where we will be looking at all the wonderful writing in their books.

Also, every child will have a turn at bringing Harry Hedgehog (yr 1) or Peter Panda (yr 2) home for a few days. Please do read the adventures they have already had and help your child to write a new adventure. We do appreciate this; it all helps to give them a real purpose for writing.

We greatly appreciate any time that you could spare to come into school and help out with activities in the classroom, cooking, artwork, ICT, reading, playing games or sharing any expertise you may have related to our topic. Please come in after school any day, to chat about this.

As always, if you have any concerns or worries about your child, do please pop in to see us.

Best wishes,

Janet Liddington               Hannah Hutchinson.