10th September 2007

School Newsletter No.1


I hope you had a good Summer holiday, despite the weather! I realise that many of our families were affected by the terrible flooding and still suffering now. I really hope that you will soon be back to normal and back in your houses once again.


I am delighted to see so many children in our new school uniform. I hope that you agree with me that the colourful logo looks really nice against the jade, and the girls look super in their  jade cardigans.


 I hope that our new ordering system is working well, and you had no problems with this over the Summer holidays. We are very keen to ensure that ordering is easy for you, so if you do have any problems ordering the uniform or school bags please let us know as feedback is important.


Just as a reminder about ordering uniform. Simply collect an order form from the noticeboard just by the school office, and then phone or e mail your order through to National School Wear Centre in Alcester, and the uniform will be delivered to school directly from the shop. Or you may hand the completed order form back to the school office.


Unfortunately Mrs Jane Hodgson, our very valued administrator, will not be in school at least until after the half term in October as she has been very poorly during the Summer holidays.

Mrs Sarah Gisbourne, who supports Jane in the office, is working really hard to ensure the smooth running of the office, along side some of our teaching assistants. We would ask you to bear with us, especially at the beginning of the day, when you may find that no one is manning the office. We will get to you eventually so please be patient!

Thankfully Jane is making a good recovery, and I am sure you will join with me in wishing her a very speedy recovery. Thankyou.


Last year we highlighted reading as an area we wanted to really target across the school in order to improve our children’s reading. Reading is so important and we were delighted how many parents supported their children last year and regularly heard them read every day. This did make a big difference to our reading results, and we hope this will continue this year.


We do have a few trained mums that come into school on a regular basis to help our super reading programme throughout the year, coming into school every week for two half hour sessions and supporting one child with their reading. It really is a very rewarding job, but we really could do with more volunteers!

·         Can you spare our school one hour a week to help with reading in a structured and highly effective way?

·         Would you like to be able to use these ways to help your own child with their reading?


As a school, we are constantly seeking ways to help children to become better readers, by supporting their reading in the most effective ways possible. If your answer to the above questions is “yes”, then I would very much like you to let us know so that we can organise some training for this excellent reading programme. Look forward to hearing from you.


The Friends of the school have worked really hard to improve our school grounds with their fund raising, and we now have some wonderful wild life areas. However these things do need constant looking after so they do not become overgrown! We do have contractors coming in to look after the field and some parts of the forest school, but our grounds are so huge we desperately need volunteers to help keep the weeds down and stop it from becoming untidy and jungle like!!


Could anyone spare a few hours each week or just once every half term to try and keep our lovely school grounds tidy and weed free? We could just have a working party every so often to tackle this. Drinks and biscuits provided of course!


Please see Mrs Caine or the school office if you could help us with this. Thankyou.


This year we have made a few changes to our school assemblies. In the past, each class has performed a class assembly and parents have been invited. This year we will not be having these type of assemblies, but  we will still look forward to inviting parents to our termly welcome assemblies and all our special events throughout the year.


We are now going to hold a GOLDEN assembly, where the children will receive weekly certificates for  special achievements as they do now. In addition, the children will receive ‘star of the week’ certificates if they are selected by their teacher for a high standard of work, working hard , making a great improvement  in their  behaviour  or work during the school week.


We hope the children will enjoy these assemblies where we can continue to encourage and celebrate our children’s achievements. Of course they will bring home the certificates so that you can also share in the celebrations! We shall also continue to present very special certificates at the end of each term during our welcome assemblies.


Please can parents send their children onto the main playground before school ready for the whistle to go at 8.45 a.m. There is always a teacher on duty on the playground to supervise , but it is very difficult for the teacher on duty to know if a child is with their parent or not. So if ALL children are on the playground at 8.40 a.m, there will be no confusion and children are kept safe.


Children MUST NOT enter school BEFORE the whistle goes at 8.45 a.m, unless for a special reason. We are finding that some children are in the cloakrooms and also come into the classrooms putting their bags away first thing in the morning . The teachers are very busy in the mornings setting up for the daily lessons and therefore cannot supervise children. We would appreciate you helping us in this matter.


We would be very grateful if parents could try and see the class teacher  after school if at all possible rather than first thing in the morning; or if need be please could you go to the office, and we can pass any message on to the teacher as soon as possible.   


 As already mentioned , the teacher is very busy setting up the classroom for the days teaching, and  we are keen to have a good brisk start to the mornings lessons. We hope you can appreciate that it is very difficult if there are many parents waiting to speak to them in the morning. We do have an open door policy, and it is vital we have contact with you, but we would be grateful if you could bear the above in mind so that we can provide the very best for your children.


Thankyou for your support. 


Just a reminder that we do have a comment box in the entrance to the school by the office. If you wish to make any comments about what you think we are doing well, and also suggestions about how you think we might do better, and how you think we might improve then please feel free to write your comments down using the slips, and then post them in the comment box on the table in the entrance. You can make it anonymous if you wish.



Neil will be in school on the following dates: 25th September, 6th November, 20th November, 4th December and the 18th December.


Please pop in and see him about any concerns or questions you might have about bringing up a family, or about your child. He can also give you information about what is available for your children during the Summer holiday. Please don’t forget that you can also get in touch with Neil on telephone number :  WAND’s Children’s Centre, Droitwich, 01905 827391.

Please find in my next newsletter the results to the questionnaire given to you in April, and all the suggestions for improvements. All your comments have been fed into our school improvement plan that we shall be addressing during this academic year.



Monday 17th September……………………Football and Spanish clubs start

Monday 1st October ……………………….Other clubs start ( letter soon)

Thursday 11th October at 9.00 a.m………   Harvest festival .

Monday 15th h October to 18st Oct………    Parent Evenings for Rec to year 4 parents.

Thursday 18th October at 9.00 a.m………   Welcome assembly.


HALF TERM HOLIDAY- Monday 22nd October to Friday 26th October.

Monday 29th October – Fri 2nd Nov ………… Eco school week

Thursday 8th Nov …………………………….School photographs

Friday 16th November  …………………          Book Fair arrives              

Wednesday 21st Nov……………………         Last night for the Book Fair.

Monday 10th Dec sometime this week…          Reception Christmas performance

Mondy 10th Dec  at 9.30 a.m        ………        Christingle service in the Abbey

Tuesday 18th th December……Whole school visit to see panto at the Swan Theatre – not nursery

Thursday 20th December………………   .      Party day



Back to school MONDAY 7th  January 2008




THURS 3rd APRIL and FRIDAY 4th APRIL. Returning to school after the Easter holidays on Monday 7th April.


We still need to arrange one more teacher training day. I shall inform you as soon as I can when this will be.