16th November 2007

We understand that sometimes family life can prove challenging, for many different reasons.  This could include managing your own responses to difficult feelings or behaviours, setting up age appropriate routines and boundaries or simply requiring some information about issues that face you or your child.

Families  often benefit from talking through their experiences with a third person. The family support workers have a sound understanding of child development, family life and parenting issues.
Talking with a family support worker can:
• Offer you a chance to be listened to.
• Help you put a realistic perspective on the current situation.
• Enable you to identify and focus on your personal strengths to achieve your desired outcome.
• Discuss your existing parenting approaches and
         introduce new ideas where appropriate.
Your Family Support Worker will:
• Arrange a meeting with you, either at home, at the Children’s Centre or school.
• Listen to  what you feel the difficulties are.
• Help you to agree the areas you want to focus on.
• Work directly with you and your family on the areas you have agreed.
You can contact Neil Grimshaw directly on 01905 827391 or talk with your Headteacher to find out more or make an appointment.