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An Introduction to the Nursery
Pictures from September 2010
Nursery visits Pershore Library
Pictures From Summer Term 09
Pictures From The Autumn Term 08
Pictures From the Autumn Term 07
Pictures from Summer Term 07
Fun gardening out of doors
Spiders and Pancakes
Nursery Visit to the Library

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An Introduction to the Nursery

My name is Yvette Overfield and I am the new Nursery Teacher at Abbey Park First School. I have been a teacher for many years and have taught in schools in Manchester, Cheshire, Coventry, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The Nursery at Abbey Park First School is a lovely place to work, the classroom and the resources are excellent and the children are wonderful. We have lots of fun in the Nursery including painting, computing, building, singing, dancing, cooking and lots more. I feel very lucky to be working in such a super school.

Pictures from September 2010

Nursery visits Pershore Library

Our visit to Pershore Library was a really enjoyable experience for the children. The children listened to a story, looked at the books in the children's section of the library and even had a go at stamping some library books! The children received their Bookstart Treasure Chests on their return to Nursery, which was a wonderful surprise for them.

Pictures From the Summer Term 09

Some photos to update the Nursery page showing some lovely examples of co-operative play, helping one another and enjoying the outdoor environment.

Pictures From The Autumn Term 08

Here are some photographs of our new intake of children having fun in the Nursery.

Pictures From The Autumn Term 07

Here are a few photos of our new Nursery children enjoying a selection of activities in the Nursery setting. The children have settled in remarkably well and are enjoying exploring all the different activities available in the Nursery, including cooking, collage, printing, dancing and singing. This half-term the children have been learning about Colours and have really enjoyed exploring the colours and shades of autumn using different media to create some lovely work for display.
We have been busy in the multi-purpose room decorating biscuits, baking cheese scones, blueberry muffins and apple crumble! I think we have a few budding Jamie Olivers in our midst this year, having tasted the results of their efforts!

The photos show children trying to catch coloured sequins with small hand held sieves, which helps with their fine motor skills as well as aiding colour and shape recognition. Ellie can be seen collecting autumn leaves, which is helping her fine motor skills.The children manipulating the playdough and using pastels for colouring are all developing their fine motor and pincer skills, which are important skills needed for writing.



Pictures From Summer Term 07

Preparing 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' fruit salad. Kira and Hannah taking the children's own special register.

Fun gardening out of doors

Creating flowers on the light table.
Fun gardening out of doors; digging, planting and watering.

Spiders and Pancakes

Weaving a giant spider's web out of wool and string. We decided to create this web after looking at frost covered spider's webs in the outdoor area.

Declan stirring the pancake mixture with great enthusiasm.

Mark and Mac eating the delicious panckes!

Nursery Visit to the Library

The children really enjoyed their visit to Pershore Library in January. They had the opportunity to look around the library, choose books to share with an adult, stamp some books and listen to a story read by one of the librarians. They were given special stickers and forms to join the library at the end of their visit. The children were very excited about becoming members of the library and being able to borrow wonderful books, audio tapes, videos and DVDs!!!

The photographs show:
The children setting off from school to walk to Pershore Library. Declan's mummy, Oliver's mummy and Alan's mummy joined us on our visit.

Declan chooses a book from the basket to share with the children.

The librarian reads an exciting story to all the children who listen very carefully and look at the colourful pictures.

At the end of the week all the children were given their very own treasure chest, which contained lovely books, stickers, colouring books and crayons. These wonderful gifts were provided by Bookstart and were warmly received by both children and parents.


People Who Help Us

We have been finding out about the people who help us, including police, firefighters, nurses, vets and builders. We have read stories about them, dressed up and pretended to be them and painted pictures of them.

Mini Beasts

We have been learning about minibeasts. We enjoyed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made these paper caterpillars by folding and cutting.

Humpty Dumpty

We have learned lots of nursery rhymes. We particularly enjoyed Humpty Dumpty and painted these Humpty Dumpty pictures. We printed the walls and folded paper for the arms and legs. We are very proud of our pictures.

Our Slipper Designs

The Big Blue Balloon

Nursery Autumn 09 Curriculum Brochure