Adam's Story

George the Miner

George was a goblin miner.  His torch fought away the darkness which could be seen everywhere.  The only noise to be heard was the cold drip drip of water.  His pickaxe struck stone which he could feel everywhere.  The underground mountains were dark.  A damp smell filled the air.  Suddenly he saw a light.  A diamond.  It glowed in the dark, which was as dark as dark can be.  

The Jewel Cave

George saw the stone, which he had plucked the diamond from, move !  Next moment there was an air-splitting crash !!  George saw a jewel cave.

Flight to the King

After bagging everything George set out to tell the King.  A shot came from the side.  Arise.  Hugh said George.  Errrrrrrrrrk.  George looked - he had killed a bad goblin.

George becomes a noble

A few minutes after the attack George bumped into Eric Gravelstone.  "Hello George" said Eric.  "Hello Eric" said George.  "The Great Goblin says you're a noble" said Eric.


George and Eric saw a light.  The Great Goblin.  Come George and Eric, but there is little time to loose.  A battle is beggining.  George grabbed a bow.  The bad goblins charged, but were met by hords of good goblins.  George shot their leader dead.  The battle was over.  The good goblins had won.

Peace at last

George went home to his new home (a mansion).  Well, what an exciting day this has been chuckled George.